Well hello there…

November 3, 2009 — 2 Comments

So this is my first blog entry on this site (and my first blog entry ever in fact). I dont want to bore you too much in this first post so I will put a description of myself and what I do in a separate “About” page later on.

This blog will basically be used to post updates on the .NET programs I am currently working on, along with any useful tips and suggestions that I discover along the way. Hopefully some of it will be useful and/or interesting to other people out there working on similar projects.


2 responses to Well hello there…


    Sorry, no offence, but this new theme you’re using is simply awful! I liked the first one better 🙂

    _powerade_ @ vbforums.com


      haha ok I’ve changed it back now 😛 I’m just not too keen on this theme because its hard to post code as the text column is so thin. Ah well, it does look a lot nicer as you say.

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