Free Tool That Lists Installed Programs on Remote Computers

April 8, 2010 — 7 Comments

Ever wanted to quickly see what software is installed on a remote machine without having to run some network auditing software or connect to the machine and look in Add/Remove Programs? If so then this little application I’ve written should be quite useful for you (and if not… download it anyway, it might come in handy in the future!).

As well as just viewing the installed applications on a remote computer, you can import a list of computers from a specific Active Directory OU or text file, and you can also export the results to CSV file to be viewed in Microsoft Excel. The tool will also show you the Windows product key and product ID for most Windows installations (seems there are some volume license installs where the product key is not stored in the registry in the same way).

You can find more information and a free download link on my website here:

I spent a considerable amount of time getting the program detection routine to work exactly like Add/Remove Programs in Windows does (which was a lot more complex than I was expecting), so whilst you could actually make a more detailed version that showed system components and drivers etc as well, I chose to make this work how people would expect it to work having used Add/Remove Programs previously.


Let me know if you find this application useful or have any feedback/suggestions.

EDIT 10/07/2012: Note that I will not be updating this application anymore, as I will be developing a new software and license auditing system some time soon that will essentially replace this.

7 responses to Free Tool That Lists Installed Programs on Remote Computers


    cjwdev, flipping awesome! Ive been looking for something that would do exactly what your audit program does. It is fast too! Thanks so much!.


    Very nice program


    it is really a good program but if u include office it is going to be awesome application.


    Like it – wish you would include option to uninstall – include PSEXEC – I use a HTA one that works ok but doesn`t always find everything.


      Uninstalling software remotely is pretty hard to do reliably… because not every installed program provides a command line for a silent uninstall – even some that do are not silent like they should be so they require user interaction (i.e. clicking Next, Finish etc). That means that you can’t uninstall them from something that runs in the services session because the user won’t see the dialog windows and therefore the uninstall will just be stuck on the first part that needs user interaction. If you use the -i argument with psexec to force it to launch the command in the interactive console session then the user is going to suddenly get an uninstall wizard pop up on their screen and probably have no idea what to do with it


    Great program! What port it uses to check? I need to open it because the software can not connect to computers on network (Firewall issue)


      I don’t specify a port in the program – it is whatever port windows uses for remote registry access. I think if you enable the “File and Printer Sharing” exception in windows firewall then it will work fine.

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