AD Tidy BETA Released

August 11, 2010 — 3 Comments

I’m pleased to report that the first BETA version of my Active Directory clean up tool is now ready for public testing. I have tested it as much as I can on a variety of networks, so now its time for other people to take it for a spin and let me know what they think.


I am still working on some features but the bulk of the coding is complete, so there are some options that are not available in this BETA version but hopefully still plenty to test out and get a feel for.

If you want to see more information about what will be included in the final product (which will still be free) then read this post but if you want to see what you can do in this BETA version then here’s a list of features that are up and running in it:

  • Search for computer accounts or user accounts
  • Specify alternate credentials for connection to AD
  • Specify domain name or browse from list of available domains
  • Optionally specify an OU/Container to find accounts in
  • Query all DCs or select specific DCs from a list of all DCs in the domain
  • Option to only find accounts that have not logged on for X number of days
  • Option to not include disabled accounts, include disabled accounts, or only find disabled accounts
  • Option to exclude accounts that have never logged on
    Exclude specific user/computer account names from the search

Any accounts that are found in the search will then be displayed and you can select specific accounts – for all of the selected accounts you can then perform one of the following actions:

  • Disable accounts
  • Enable accounts
  • Export account details to CSV file
  • (There will be several more actions in the final release, but this is all you are getting in the BETA I’m afraid!)

When the final version is released I will provide an installer, but for now I am just offering a ZIP file with the EXE and DLLs in – you need to extract them all to the same folder and then run the EXE from there. Please note that you need the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (with SP1) installed for this application to work correctly. You may get away with launching the application if you just have .NET 2.0 installed but when you try to use some features you will find that the application throws an error because it cannot find the .NET 3.5 components that it is trying to use.

Here is the download link:


So yeah… download it, test it out, try and break it, and send me any feedback you have (good or bad) either by sending an email to or by leaving a comment here.



3 responses to AD Tidy BETA Released


    I just tried out your AD tidy, and I will be using this often. I have been looking for an easy way to do this. I am a desktop admin for about 2000+ pcs, and double that users, and it is a MESS. This is going to help me tremendously in getting this organized.

    Thank you do much.


      No worries 🙂 glad it looks like it will be useful for you. One thing I would say is wait for the final release (which should be out within the next week) rather than using the BETA as there will be quite a few more features and also a few bugs that have been fixed. One rather big bug in the BETA (that has since been fixed) is that your search will only find 1000 accounts at the most from any one DC. Of course a lot of people wont notice this as they wont perform a search that should bring back more than 1000 results but just thought I would mention it 🙂


      Just to let you know, version 1.0 is now available – you can get it here:


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