My Free Active Directory Reporting Tool

September 6, 2010 — 6 Comments

I’ve recently started working on a new application, and like all of my other apps it will be completely free when it is complete. It is an Active Directory reporting tool that will allow you to easily query your AD domain and produce custom reports that you can view on screen and export to file.

There will be several predefined report queries ‘built in’ but you will also have the option to create your own custom query and tailor the output to suit your requirements.

UPDATE 04/12/2010: Click here for a list of the predefined queries and query-able attributes that I am planning to include:

click here for screenshots of how the app currently looks

and here for some videos

For the built in reports, the way I intend for it to work is as follows:

  1. Select the query you would like to run – this determines what the search will actually find, for example there would be a simple query that finds all disabled user accounts.
  2. Modify any optional parameters for the query so that it suits your needs, for example you might want to specify that the search only looks in one particular OU.
  3. Run the query and it brings back all of the accounts that matched the query criteria.
  4. You can optionally modify the account attributes that are included in the output, for example if you were running the “All Disabled Users” report you might decide that as well as the default attributes included in the output (which would be things like username, display name, email address etc), you also want to include a list of the groups that each user is a member of, or include the user’s last logon time, etc etc.
  5. Now that you can see the results of the query exactly as you want them, you can either simply read the data from the screen or you can save the results to file.

As for creating and running your own custom report, the 5 steps above would be identical but the difference would be that before you could even perform step 1 you would have to create your query. This would be done via a wizard that lets you specify which accounts should be found by the query – I intend to make this query builder as user friendly as possible but quite powerful at the same time. It will be easy and quick to build a simple query that just finds all computer accounts with an OS of Windows XP for example, but then you will also be able to build complex queries that combine several criteria, for example all user accounts that have not logged on for 30 days, are a member of a specific group, do not have an expired password and are not disabled. I can’t see any use for that particular query but you get the idea!

Oh and of course you will be able to save your custom queries so that you can run them whenever you want. I may even include some command line options so that you could automate the running of a specific report and then have it emailed to you each week or something. We will see… but if you like the sound of that feature then please let me know, because otherwise the chances are it wont end up in the very first version.

I cannot confirm yet precisely which file formats you will be able to export to (though .txt and .csv are pretty much guaranteed) or whether or not you will be able to print directly from the application, but I will post another entry on this blog once I have an update.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for features you would like to see as I will hopefully be able to get them in before the first release (as I did with a number of suggestions that people sent me for my AD Tidy application)


6 responses to My Free Active Directory Reporting Tool


    This is awesome Chris! I found out about your software and site through Spiceworks. Thanks for going through the work to create these nice free apps. I am a IT admin by day and web dev/programmer by night so I know some from each side of the fence. These apps are quite handy for my day job and if I knew more programming skills, I would love coding stuff like this too. Nice job!


      Thanks, really appreciate you taking the time to say thank you 🙂
      I haven’t had much chance this week to work on this reporting tool but hopefully should be able to get a good chunk of it done next week. I’ll make another blog post soon with a progress update and hope the finished app will be useful to you.



    WOW, can’t wait.
    currently I run a million scripts and hacks that I have to generate reports that we need. This would be really grate if it can replace those.
    BTW how flexible would the queries be? will there be really granular ones that we could build upon?

    BTW love your “ADTidy” app.


      Yeah it will be pretty flexible – you will be able to create your own queries using any of the attributes mentioned on this page:
      Also, when you build a query you will have the option to prompt the person that runs the report for a value for an attribute – so for example if you were to create a report that finds all users in a particular department, instead of hard coding the department name in the query (and therefore having to create a new query every time you wanted to run it against a different department) you can just tell it to prompt you each time you run the report to enter a department name. Hope that makes sense… it should be a bit more clear once I get a BETA version up and running.


    thanks for the explanation.

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