AD Info (Free Active Directory Reporting Tool) Progress Update

October 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

Just a quick update on the progress on my latest project, a free active directory reporting utility. I’ve decided to name it “AD Info” … not the greatest name in the world but most of the decent names were already taken by commercial Active Directory reporting programs.

I’ve been working on the application some more today and it is coming along nicely. The BETA should be out some time in December and will probably not include all of the reports that will be available in the final release but the custom query creator should be usable and that’s the main part I will be interested in getting feedback on.

One thing that I should also mention is that I will be releasing a version of the application that you pay for as well as the free version. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean I’m going to be ripping features out of the free version or limiting it to a trial or anything like that – all it means is that the free version is going to have a splash screen advertising other software for IT Pros which will pop up for a few seconds when you first launch the program. If you don’t want (or aren’t allowed) to use software that has adverts in, or you simply want to say thank you and show your support, then you can pay a very reasonable price for an ad-free version. I’m planning on selling this ad-free version for around $50. Considering other AD reporting tools out there seem to start at around $200 (with some being an awful lot more), I think this is fair.

I never planned to sell any of the software I write as the main reason I’m making it is to help other IT Pros and not to make money, but as it takes so much time and effort (not to mention the cost of buying the software development tools, icons, and web site) it just seems stupid not to try and cover some of my costs. I was hoping I would get the odd donation after releasing AD Tidy a couple of months ago but out of the 1600 people that have downloaded it so far, only 1 person donated. So I figured having a free version and a paid for version would be the best way to go as then I am still helping people by providing a free application but hopefully enough people will purchase the ad-free version to cover what it costs me to develop and provide these apps.

Would love to hear any thoughts that anyone has on this – E.g: Do you think the price for the ad-free version is reasonable? Would you buy it or would you just stick to the free version? Would the ads in the free version put you off using it? Send me an email at if you have a minute and let me know 🙂

Thanks, Chris

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