AD Tidy Hits The “2000 Downloads” Mark

October 17, 2010 — 7 Comments

It was 7 weeks ago today that I released AD Tidy and I just noticed it has now had over 2000 downloads from my site alone (it’s uploaded to a few other sites so there’s probably a couple of hundred more downloads on top of that).

Just wanted to say thank you to those that have given feedback on it, sent me a quick thank you email/comment, or donated. It is great to hear that it is helping plenty of fellow IT Pros out and hopefully my next app will be just as useful to all of you 🙂

7 responses to AD Tidy Hits The “2000 Downloads” Mark

    Anthony Genovesi October 20, 2010 at 15:52

    2001 downloads! Simple, does what it says. Nice job!


    Get DNS errors when trying view domain controllers, can you set this to prompt and ignore?


      Do you mean when you try to select which domain controllers you want the app to query?


        thats the one.


          Hmm well I’m not sure how else you expect the application to be able to behave – if it can’t locate domain controllers due to DNS problems then how is it going to query each of them for last logon information? I don’t mean to sound blunt but don’t you think you should fix your DNS problems rather than trying to get applications to ignore / workaround them?


    While I would agree, in a business enviroment its not that easy, can it not skip domain controllers it cannot contact?


      Well the part that you mention (the bit where you select domain controllers) is simply collecting a list of DCs… not actually trying to query any of them. This part will only use one DC/DNS server to just get the list of DC names from (whichever one Windows picks) and it is not something I can control because it uses methods built in to Windows to enumerate the domain controllers. If the PC you are running this on cannot even discover the names of the domain controllers in your domain then I think you have some pretty serious issues that you need to sort out…

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