AD Photo Edit Bulk Edition Released

November 28, 2010 — 4 Comments

I have finally finished the bulk import and bulk export enabled version of AD Photo Edit… and also updated the free version with some bug fixes and minor enhancements. Yes, the bulk edition is not going to be free I’m afraid (but it is very cheap compared to the competition) – details can be found below.

If you would like to see an explanation of why I have decided to charge for the bulk edition of AD Photo Edit, please see this blog post: Developing Software Costs Money


Here are some screenshots of the new bulk import and bulk export features:

and here is the page where you can download the free edition or purchase the bulk edition:


Let me know what you think of the application and also as this is the first application that I have ever charged money for, I would be interested to hear whether or not you think the price/value is fair.

Thanks, Chris

4 responses to AD Photo Edit Bulk Edition Released


    Getting this was a no-brainer. After seeing the quality of the free version, I bought this and imported all my user photos this morning. Done! Thanks again for all your work on this.


      🙂 Its great to hear that people appreciate the amount of effort I have put in even on the free version, and thanks a lot for purchasing the bulk edition! 😀 Hope some of my other apps can be of some use to you as well. Cheers, Chris


        Hey– after using this tool, I thought of a couple additional features that might be useful. Thought I’d mention them in case you agreed.

        – bulk import option to either replace all existing photos or to only add missing images

        – bulk removal of all photos


    Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 I had already thought of bulk removal, I think I might include it as an option in the Bulk Export feature as I’m guessing most people would want to export the images before deleting them all.
    The option to only add images for users that don’t already have them is a good idea, will definitely add that to the next version. Cheers!

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