AD Info BETA 1 Released

December 13, 2010 — 4 Comments

After several months, I’ve finally got AD Info to a point where it is ready to be BETA tested by the public. There are a few features that I am still working on and these will be included in the next BETA version, which will also include improvements made from feedback on this first BETA, but the majority of the features are up and running and I’m keen to see how others get on with the application.

If you do download BETA 1, please let me know what you think of it. Any feedback at all is appreciated – be it first impressions, a minor annoyance, a major bug report, a quick message just to say that everything works fine, how it compares to the reporting tool you currently use, a feature you would like to see, anything at all! 🙂

You can download the BETA 1 release from the following location:

and you can find videos demonstrating several features that are available in the BETA here. Note that improvements have been made between the videos being taken and the BETA being released, so you will have a few extra options in the BETA you download that you do not see in the videos 🙂

Thanks, Chris

4 responses to AD Info BETA 1 Released


    Hey Chris,

    Very nice tool. Any plans to add a scheduler with email functionality?

    I guess you and I are a bit in the same boat. IT pros who like programming and write tools to do what we need in our jobs. I’m mainly in to c# .NET

    Keep up the good work!



      Thanks 🙂 and yeah I’m planning to include the ability to email a report as well as some command line options (which will enable the app to be scheduled via windows task scheduler easily) in a future version, just not the very first version.

      Does sound like we are both doing similar things – comes in handy doesn’t it, being able to write little programs when you are an IT guy 🙂 I’m more of a VB.NET person myself but at the end of the day C#.NET and VB.NET are the same thing just with a different syntax, they both compile to the same IL code so I practically consider them as the same thing (though admittedly you do get one or two extra features with C#).



    First of all, thank you for giving us a look at an awesome “free” utility with nice auditing features.

    Might I recommend the ability to add filters to all queries, RFC 2254 compliant filters?
    We have a large domain (30+ facilities) and running any sort of report like this across the entire domain is cumbersome).

    Possibly also an OU filter for all reports.

    Additionally, having the ability to edit any of the built in queries (understanding that we might break some of them) could prove helpful, as users might enhance some of the queries (I know I would love to).

    Other then that, thank you for your work!


      Thanks for the suggestions – I think you can already do what you are asking for though, unless I am misunderstanding.

      You can limit any query to a specific OU (and optionally sub OUs) from the window where you select which attributes you want to include.

      As for editing the built in queries, if you wanted to enhance them you could just use the New Query option and select to copy parameters from one of the built in queries. If you mean you want to actually edit the LDAP filters etc that are used in the queries, that is not really possible because a lot of the queries do not just use LDAP filters, some of them use fairly complex .NET code (which you can’t edit even if I wanted you to be able to without me providing the 5000 lines of source code for the entire application).


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