AD Info Release Dates and Pricing Details

January 16, 2011 — 3 Comments

Just a quick post to let you all know when you can expect the next BETA of AD Info and also the first official version.

First of all thank you to all of the people that downloaded the first BETA and gave me feedback on it – overall it has all been very positive, with no bugs or problems reported and a lot of people saying they like the user friendly design and amount of features. There have been a few good suggestions for additional attributes and these are all going to be included in the next BETA along with the attributes I had already planned to include that didn’t make it into the first BETA. Some of the additional attributes people have requested include: Dial In Permission, Password Expiration Date, SID History, Last Lockout Date, Date Of Last Password Change, and an attribute that includes all groups from both direct group membership and indirect group membership (which I have just named “Group Membership (All)”).



The next (and final) BETA version is going to be released on the 24th of January 2011 and will include all features and attributes that are going to be available in the finished product. I will make another post on this blog when it is released and provide a download link, but anyone already using the first BETA will be notified next time they launch the program that a new version is available. This final BETA will be time limited and will expire at the end of February.

The first official version will be released on the 14th of February 2011 and will include fixes for any bugs reported from the second BETA. It may also include additional attributes or features if any have been requested during the final BETA testing stage and it is not going to take too much time and testing to add them.


Don’t worry, there is still going to be a free version of AD Info and it will not simply be a time limited trial or something useless like that. The free version will still be able to run all of the 140+ built in queries and will still be able to export the results to CSV, however it will not be able to export to TXT or HTML formats, this can only be done in the full version. There will be information on my website ( soon explaining which features will be in the free version and which will only be available in the full version but rest assured the free version will still be very useful.

The full version will be priced at $59 per administrator that will use the application, or $195 for a full site license (unlimited number of administrators using it at one site), $99 for a consultant license (one user but usable at any location), or $395 for an enterprise license (unlimited usage).

All of these licenses are one off payments (not a yearly subscription) and include free upgrades for the lifetime of the application. With any of the licenses, the software can be used against any number of domains with any number of users/computers within it. Compare this against any of the other AD reporting tools out there and I’m sure you will agree that these are extremely reasonable prices.

3 responses to AD Info Release Dates and Pricing Details


    Glad I spotted this blog before writing a lengthy email asking pretty much everything stated!

    AD Info has been perfect for me during our annual CSOX audit and I look forward to purchasing the full version.



      Thanks 🙂 I haven’t actually had chance yet to take a look at the whole SOX thing to see if AD Info really helps with it so its good to hear that it is helping with that.



        If you don’t have experiance of SOX it’s a painful subject to look into… mainly due to companys being able to mitigate the risks by a preagreed check which isn’t universal.

        However AD INFO hitting paid maintained produciton will increase it’s standings with SOX auditors as:

        Hierarchy reliance audit can place on automated tools is:

        1: Software that is proven and possible tested in court i.e. Encase, SEKCHEK, ACL, IDEA etc

        2: Software that is licence and maintained


        4:In-house developed tools

        Number 1 is the best, 4 – is not too good.

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