AD Info BETA 2 New Version (0.9.1)

January 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

I was going to leave any further changes or bug fixes until the first official AD Info release in a few weeks but there were a couple of bugs I really wanted to fix for anyone using the BETA 2 version so I have released a new version.

The first of these problems was down to my own stupidity – just before I released the original BETA 2 version, I wanted to change the icon used for the queries “Users that have not logged on for X days” and the equivalent computer query, but rather than just editing the XML files I thought it would be quicker to delete them and recreate them using the New Query wizard in AD Info (a feature some people seem to have completely overlooked as I am still getting requests to include queries that people can easily create themselves within the program). However, when I recreated them with the correct icons, I accidentally set the queries to find users that last logged on after the specified date, not before. I must apologise for this as I should have tested it again before releasing the BETA but I thought all I had done was change the icons (and I confirmed they were now correct) so did not think this was necessary. Lesson learnt!

The second issue that I wanted to sort out was the query progress window. In the BETA 1 release, the query progress log on screen would update instantly when the program reported any progress updates, however some users reported that during long running queries the window would go into the “Not Responding” state, so to try to avoid this in BETA 2 I made the progress log only update every second. However, if there have been a large number of progress updates in the last second, I found that it would take too long to add them all to the progress window at once and again we end up with a window that is Not Responding. So in this BETA 2 revision I have changed the window so that only errors and warnings are actually added to the rolling progress log and any purely informational updates are just shown briefly in the “Current status” section. This now works perfectly on all of my test machines but of course if you have any problems please let me know. Also, if you do want to see the full log including all informational progress updates, you can still click the Save Log File button in the bottom left of the window to save a TXT file containing the full progress report.

Oh and I also included two additional queries that were not in the original BETA 2 release: “Deleted containers” and “Containers deleted in the last 30 days”.

If you want to check to see if you are using the latest version or the original BETA 2 release, just go to Help –> Check For Updates and you will be told if a newer version is available. Anyone who downloads the BETA from now on will get the new version. The BETA can be downloaded from the same place as last time:

Let me know if you have any feedback on either the new changes or just the application in general 🙂

First official release is still scheduled for 14th February 2011.

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