AD Info (Active Directory Reporting Tool) Version 1.0 Released

February 13, 2011 — 4 Comments

Yes, the first official release of my AD reporting tool, AD Info, is now available. As mentioned in previous blog posts, it comes in two flavours – Free Edition and Standard Edition. Read on for more information and video links.

You can find plenty of information, screenshots, pricing details for the standard edition and a download link for the free edition on the AD Info page of my website here:


Thank you again to all those that provided feedback on the BETA version of AD Info, I’m sure some of you will be pleased to see the features you requested included in the final version. As for features that didn’t make it into the first version, a lot of them are going to be included in future versions. To help show people what they can expect from future versions, I have created the following page that will be updated with any major new features that are going to be included in the next version of AD Info:

Of course if you have any suggestions, please let me know 🙂


Also, I have replaced the BETA videos with two new videos showing AD Info in action:


I will be eagerly awaiting your feedback on both the free and standard editions 🙂

Thanks, Chris

4 responses to AD Info (Active Directory Reporting Tool) Version 1.0 Released


    Hey Chris,

    AD Info is a great tool!!!
    Do you have a comparison page for the different versions of ADInfo (free/standard)?



    Hi Chris,

    Sending from a different e-mail adress now, I am still very interested in the product, but not until there is some way of scheduling reports (or commandline support). Are you able now to give a ETA on this feature?


      Hi Thomas,
      I’m afraid I can’t give a definitive ETA on the version 2.0 release yet. Some personal commitments have come up recently that have meant I haven’t been able to do much work on any of my software, but hopefully I will be back on it soon. Will let you know once I do have an estimated release date for version 2.0


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