AD Photo Edit Recommended By Microsoft

February 18, 2011 — 4 Comments

I was quite surprised to find that in the list of websites that link to my website there was an entry for Upon closer inspection it turns out that there is an MS KB article that suggests using my AD Photo Edit application to upload user images to Active Directory 🙂

EDIT 14/06/2010: It seems MS have now changed this KB article to suggest using a powershell script to populate the thumbnailPhoto attribute and taken out the link to AD Photo Edit. I guess it is better for them to show that they have a method of doing it rather than saying you have to use a 3rd party application.


Here is the KB article in question for anyone interested:

I was a little surprised that they didn’t ask me or even mention it but I guess no one is going to complain if Microsoft want to link to their website – I’m certainly not 🙂

4 responses to AD Photo Edit Recommended By Microsoft


    Time to start asking MS for royalties.
    A dollar a click sounds reasonable to me 🙂


    The fact that Customer Support has to point users to your product to help users solve a problem shows how lazy CSS is, and how lame MS is for not giving users a solution in their own products. I’d be asking MS for money. They’d do the same to you if the tables were turned


      Yeah it is a bit rubbish that they don’t provide any easy way of uploading photos themselves, but that’s Microsoft for you 🙂

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