Group Manager 1.0 Released

April 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

Group Manager is a tool aimed at end users that allows them to edit group membership for any security or distribution groups that they are assigned as the manager of in Active Directory.

If you have ever assigned a user as the manager of a security/distribution group in Active Directory, you may have noticed the option "Manager can update membership list" which grants the user permission to add and remove members from this group. The only problem with this is that once they have the required permissions there is no easy way for the user to actually make these changes, other than through Microsoft Outlook.
So Group Manager was designed to be an easy to use tool for end users to add and remove users/contacts/groups to any groups that they are managers of, for any organisations that do not have (or do not want to use) Microsoft Outlook for this task. It will also be useful for any organisations that are using Outlook but are moving to a hosted Exchange solution, as end users will not be able to make changes to the local domain through Outlook in this scenario.

The idea for this application actually came from someone that is moving to an Office 365 solution and as such could no longer use Outlook to allow users to edit group membership for groups they manage in their local Active Directory domain. So hopefully it will be useful to others in a similar situation.

You can find out more information and screenshots here:

As always I am interested to hear any feedback you may have on this application so leave a comment or send me an email at

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