AD Info (Active Directory Reporting Tool) Version 1.5 Released

July 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

Version 1.5 of my Active Directory reporting tool is now available. Read on for a list of the improvements that can be found in this new version

Please note that version 1.5 of the free edition of AD Info has not yet been released, only the standard edition of version 1.5 is currently available, but the free edition will be released within the next few days.

Here are the main changes in this release, several of which were requested by users of AD Info so thanks a lot to everyone that provided feedback and requested these new features:

  • Manager based attributes now included, specifically: Manager, Manager Container, Manager Type, Manager Description, Number Of Managed Accounts, Managed Accounts
  • Several new predefined queries that use the new manager attributes, such as “Groups with no manager” and “Users that are managers”
  • Container/OU selection window now loads domain tree much faster
  • Option to select a default OU that all queries will use unless otherwise specified
  • The attributes that you selected last time you ran a query are now remembered on a per query basis (can be turned off in Options window)
  • Attributes are grouped into categories instead of all being in one long list (can be turned off in Options window)
  • GUI changes to the Options window, now uses a tabbed layout
  • New "Begins With" and "Ends With" operators for plain string attributes let you check to see if the value starts with or ends with specific text
  • The "Contains" and "Does Not Contain" operators now work correctly with the Distinguished Name attribute, along with the new Begins With and Ends With operators
  • The City and Division attributes are now queryable for users and contacts
  • When right clicking on a cell in the results grid you now have the option to copy the full row
  • Option to have attributes that contain multiple values (such as group membership) displayed on separate lines rather than showing all values in one long line
  • All new options in this release can be controlled via Group Policy (new GPO ADM file available here:
  • Minor changes to the way the update detection routine works

For any existing users of the standard edition of AD Info, you should be notified the next time you launch the application that an update is available to be downloaded – just click yes when prompted and the new version will be downloaded (it will not be automatically installed though, you need to extract and run the installer from the ZIP file downloaded). If you have disabled the “check for updates on launch” option then you can just go to the Help menu and click Check For Updates.

There are a couple of minor additions that were planned for this version that have slipped back to the next release – you can see an updated list of what will be available in future versions here:

As always I am interested to hear any feedback you may have on this version, so let me know what you think.


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