I’ve been awarded a Microsoft Community Contributor award

August 30, 2011 — 5 Comments

Last year I spent an awful lot of time helping other developers and IT Pros out on vbforums.com, spiceworks.com, Technet forums, MSDN forums, and posting a few things on this blog… but this year haven’t really had that much time to do this – so it was a bit of a surprise to find out I’ve been awarded a Microsoft Community Contributor award for 2011! I’m pleased all the same of course and it is nice to be recognised for helping others. Hopefully my contributions will continue to be useful to other people in the developer/IT Pro community.

Isn’t it pretty 😀


5 responses to I’ve been awarded a Microsoft Community Contributor award


    Congrats Chris 🙂
    You deserve it!!


    Well done Chris! Excellent work..


    Chris – You deserve a Noble Admin Award (if there were such a thing). Your tools are fantastic and I find ADTidy to be a five star tool! It quickly cleans the clutter that all busy admins, like myself, can’t seem to prevent. To be able to find, verify, and then disable (or delete) old user & computer accounts in one easy tool! Perfection! ADTidy should become part of the “normal” MS AD tools.


      Thanks Greg, really appreciate that and its great to hear 🙂 Oh and I’ll be re-writing AD Tidy from scratch soon to improve the user interface and add some new features so hopefully it will be even better then 😀

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