NTFS Permissions Reporter – Filtering

September 20, 2011 — 8 Comments

I’ve been busy working away on my NTFS Permissions Reporter application and just wanted to show some screenshots of the filtering capabilities and explain why and when you would use them.

If you haven’t already seen the previous posts/screenshots on this application, see here.

EDIT: The second BETA is now available, see here

By default when you run a report on a directory in NTFS Permissions Reporter you will see all subdirectories (and the subdirectories of those subdirectories etc etc) and all permissions assigned to each of those directories. This is fine if you are just wanting to map out your entire file share’s permissions structure, but what if you just want to see where a specific group or user is used in directory permissions, or don’t want to see directories that have identical permissions to their parent directory, or only want to see where users have been assigned to directory permissions directly rather than via group membership? That’s where filters come in.

So here’s the main filter configuration window (with no filter configured yet):

EDIT: New screenshots here:

As you can see, we have a list of “quick filters” shown at the top of the window – these are there to make it easier to configure common filters, such as those that I mentioned above (finding directories where a specific account is granted/denied access for example). I have tried to make the filtering feature as flexible and powerful as possible, but of course this means things can get a little more complicated than some people would like if they just need to do something simple, which is one reason why the Quick Filters were added.

So you can either select a Quick Filter and enter the information required when prompted (a username, a directory path, a domain name, etc) or you can configure your own custom filter using the buttons directly above the current filter view. If you want to create your own custom filter, here’s what you get when you create a new filter item:

New Filter Item

More target filter properties may be added before release, but as you can see there are quite a lot of properties that you can filter on. Once you have selected the property you want to filter, just select the operator you want to use (Is, Is Not, Contains, etc) and then enter the value that this property/operator must match for the item to be included in the results. See screenshots below

Selecting Operator

Setting The Value That Must Be Matched

You can see in that last screenshot that we also have an option to select how this filter item should be combined with other filter items – this only appears if there is at least one item already in the filter group that this item is being added to. Which brings us nicely onto the next subject: Filter Groups.

Filter Groups allow you to group several Filter Items into one group, meaning that the items within the group will be evaluated separately to items outside of this group, making it possible to create complex filters that use several AND and OR operators to find exactly what you are looking for. Here is a fairly simple example using a few items and group:

Custom filter with group

Hopefully this post has given you a good idea of what will be possible in the finished product, as always I’m keen to hear your feedback. I’ll be posting an estimated release date for the BETA soon so keep an eye on this blog for more information.



8 responses to NTFS Permissions Reporter – Filtering


    It seems like a very usefull product. I would be interesting to try your product once it is ready (or beta).


    I’m very much looking forward to trying this. I can’t believe how much some companies charge for this sort of utility. All I need is a simple GUI and something I can show end users who don’t have advanced CS degrees.


      Yeah some of them are stupidly expensive for what they do. I will be charging for the ‘standard edition’ of my app once it is finished but it will be cheaper than the alternatives and there will also be a free edition which will probably just not include the filtering options or the ability to compare 2 reports.


    It looks really promising! Would indeed love to try the Beta and give feedback where needed. Any idea on when this will be available? In other words how soon is soon 😀


      Thanks Paul – I know I keep saying soon or in the next couple of weeks but it really will be in the next couple of weeks 🙂 If I can’t get all of the features ready in time for the BETA that I wanted to have in there then I’ll just release this as BETA 1 and then a BETA 2 when all of the features are up and running. At least that way I can get feedback and fix any little bugs etc from the basic functionality whilst I’m still working on the more advanced features


    For everyone that was interested in the BETA, you can now download it here: http://cjwdev.co.uk/Software/NtfsReports/Info.html

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