NTFS Permissions Reporter 1.0 Released

February 5, 2012 — 19 Comments

The first official release of my file system permissions reporting tool is finally available, as either a free edition or a standard edition.

You can find more information, screenshots, and a download link here: Cjwdev NTFS Permissions Reporter

There have been a few changes since the last BETA, but nothing too major (see version history here for details). Thanks again to everyone that sent in their feedback and helped to improve the product, I’m very happy with the finished version. Of course there are still features that I want to add to future versions, and I will be compiling a list here so that you know what to look forward to: Future Version Details

You can find pricing details for the standard edition here: Purchase NTFS Permissions Reporter

I think the prices are very fair, considering some rival products start at around $600 (and personally I think my application is better, but of course I would say that! Smile)

The free edition is also now available to download – obviously its completely free, and is the same as the standard edition apart from the following limitations:

  • No command line support
  • Results cannot be emailed automatically (not much point in this without command line support anyway)
  • Results can only be exported to HTML file, not CSV
  • Filters cannot be applied

Hopefully the free edition is still useful, as it still provides a quick and easy way to view permissions on multiple directories and allows the results to be exported for others to see.

As always I’d love to hear what you think and I hope you find this tool useful.



19 responses to NTFS Permissions Reporter 1.0 Released


    I’m sure there are other solutions like this, but this is very useful to sit with managers to review permissions of complex trees. Thanks!


      Thanks I’m glad its proving useful to you πŸ™‚


        I know it would be quite a reach, and I’m not sure how easily it could be done; but to create an interactive, self-contained item for export would be great that has the look of the program itself. Meaning, an javascript or flash driven interface.


        Do you mean just a “viewer” for viewing the exported results? I was considering creating such a program (although it probably wouldn’t be web based as I’ve very little experience with web development, it would just be an installable program like the main application)


        That would work fine; but I think it would be great to make it even more portable. This is why I suggested a self-contain html page, or even an Flash standalone exe. But, having a standalone program that you can feed files into would be great too.

        Thanks for your work!


    I purchased the NTFS permissions reporter a few weeks back. when i try to run it against a large file share, I end up with the following error. Can you provide any assistance?

    Log Name: Application
    Source: .NET Runtime
    Date: 8/8/2012 1:28:13 PM
    Event ID: 1026
    Task Category: None
    Level: Error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: N/A
    Computer: GRXENAPP001.Corp.ad.ufpi.com
    Application: NtfsPermissionsReporter.exe
    Framework Version: v4.0.30319
    Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
    Exception Info: System.OutOfMemoryException


      Hi Owen,
      To get that “out of memory” error you must be running it against an EXTREMELY large directory tree or on a machine that has very little memory. Anyway, I’m afraid there isn’t really anything I can do to avoid this happening in some scenarios, but to cut down on the number of results (and therefore amount of memory required) you can try using the “exclude directories more than X number of levels below original directory” option in the Exclude Directories window or try using a filter to exclude directories where permissions are the same as the parent directory. If you have any further questions or problems its probably easier if you email me so that I can send screenshots etc. Email details here: http://cjwdev.co.uk/Contact.html



    Nice tool. Not sure if I’m missing something, but the app doesn’t show who the owner of the folder is. It might be available in the paid version though.


    NTFS-Reporter is a very good product πŸ™‚

    Question: Is there a portable version of cjwdev?
    How can cjwdev NTFS-Reporter (Site Lizenz) be run without installation?

    We have only one Problem: NTFS-Reporter is not running without the HKEY-Local-Machine/Software/cjwdev.

    How can NTFS-Reporter be run without the HKEY-Local-Machine/Software/cjwdev. Keys? Can you not use the HKEY-Current-User for Productkey?


      Yes the HKLM key is required for the product key to be saved the very first time you run it, but that doesn’t make it not portable. All that means is that you need admin permissions to run it the first time.


        Thanks for our fast answer.

        In an enterprise you dont’ have admin permission πŸ™‚

        To use the site lizenz of NTFS-Reporter – we must to create an company-installation-packages and then we must deploy the packages with microsoft sccm on all pcs in the company…not so easy…

        Can you please send me a special version of NTFS-Reporter (We have order an site lizenz) without this HKLM-Key. The free version don’t need this key!!! (it better if you use the HKEY-Current-User for your product key)

        Thanks in advance
        or vincent.buob@gmail.com


        No HKCU is not better for the product key, because then every person that uses the software has to enter the product key. I do not know of any program that stores its product key in HKCU, they all store it in HKLM because then if you have 5 different people using the same PC they don’t all need to enter a product key. If you are using SCCM then the installation will have admin rights, as SCCM installs run as Local System. So just make a script that installs the MSI, then adds the product key to the HKLM key. Lots of people do this.


    You are right. But in a big company it’s sametime very complicated.

    We are looking for a very easy solution. We want to prepare for each DIRECTORY-Owner (for ex. Chief of Marketing) in our company a script (commandline) saved on a centrale share. The script create an Excel-Export-File automatiquely.

    Each Owner must check his DIR-Security (Excel-Export) two time a year – not more. Our scripts are running very well with NTFS-Security (if the HKLM-Key is already present). We are very happy with NTFS-Security, but we cannot use it – because we cannot deploy the key at this time…

    If you cannot help us. We must to choice another product: we ave also http://www.smart-x.com/products/sec-report/secreport/ for test

    Thanks in advance, Vincent


      Oh so you are not actually installing NTFS Permissions Reporter on the user’s PCs that are going to run it? You are just getting them to run it from a network share? I thought you said you were pushing it out via SCCM…


        Send me an email (contact details here: http://cjwdev.co.uk/Contact.html ) and I’ll send you a modified version that also checks for the product key in HKCU – but I am not going to change it so that it saves it there by default when you enter a product key through the GUI. I will simply make it so that on startup it checks to see if one has been saved to HKLM as normal and if not then it will check HKCU as well. You will have to get your script to save the encrypted version of the product key to HKCU before it launches the NTFS Permissions Reporter program.


          Hi Cjwdev.

          i am very excited to test as soon as possible the special edition

          you can send your software at the folowings adresses:


          You will receved from me a complete feedback of our test. See you later


          2012/11/2 Cjwdev

          > ** > cjwdev commented: “Send me an email (contact details here: > http://cjwdev.co.uk/Contact.html ) and I’ll send you a modified version > that also checks for the product key in HKCU – but I am not going to change > it so that it saves it there by default. It will simply check to se” >


          Thanks very much Chris
          I send you my e-mail so.


        I’ve emailed you a new version now Vincent that checks the HKCU key as well if no product key was found in HKLM. Hope this does what you wanted

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