What Now?

February 20, 2012 — 6 Comments

So now that I’ve finally got the first version of my file system permissions reporting tool out there, you may be wondering what I’m going to be working on next… well you probably weren’t wondering that, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

So here’s what the next few months look like for me:


Right now I’m working on a new version of AD Photo Edit which adds several major features that people have been asking for over the last few months. Here’s a small sample of things that you can expect in this version:

  • Limit searches to specific OUs rather than the entire domain
  • Pictures keep aspect ratio when resizing
  • Option to view search results in table layout
  • Command line support
  • Works with jpegPhoto attribute as well as thumbnailPhoto attribute
  • Alternate domain and alternate credentials are saved
  • Several improvements to the user interface and general layout of most windows
  • “Auto” button that will automatically resize images to the recommended dimensions and file size
  • and lots more…

I’m not expecting these new features in AD Photo Edit to take too long, and once they are done I will be updating my AD reporting tool AD Info to include the features mentioned here.

Then I will be releasing a completely new version of AD Tidy which will have a brand new user interface, several new options, and possibly a paid for version that includes scheduling abilities and email alerting. Don’t worry the free version that is currently available won’t be loosing any features and will be getting updated as well.

Once that is done, I’ll probably have enough new feature requests and ideas to add to NTFS Permissions Reporter that I can start work on the next version of that.

Then its on to creating new applications and tools 🙂 I’ve had some good suggestions recently for new apps to make (such as a simple user friendly Exchange monitoring/reporting system) and I’ve got plenty of plans of my own… see the bottom of this page for a small selection.

Oh and as with all of my applications, these updates and new versions will be free to anyone that has already purchased them, so if you are thinking of buying any of them any time soon don’t feel like you need to wait for the new versions to be released to save on upgrade costs… because there are no upgrade costs 🙂

I also just want to say thanks to everyone that has sent me feedback and feature requests over this last year, and a special thank you to everyone that has purchased licenses for my applications or donated or just generally supported me on forums and helped spread the word about my apps around the IT Pro community. It is very much appreciated and its great to hear how highly people think of my tools and know that the huge amount of time and effort I put into making them is appreciated – hopefully I can continue to make apps that help you all for a long time to come.



6 responses to What Now?


    Thanks Chris, I really like the sound of scheduling in AD Tidy – saves me having to remember to run it regularly! LIkewise an Exchange monitoring system would also be nice. Thanks again for the great applications, keep up the good work!


    Been a big fan Chris, I’ve been spreading the cjwdev gospel 🙂


    Hey chris, any timeline when you start working on the Group Policy ADM File Designer ?


      Hey Alex – unfortunately not a realistic one no. I will probably start work on it at the same sort of time that I start re-writing AD Tidy (so once I’ve updated AD Photo Edit and AD Info). One thing I’m not decided on yet is whether or not I will try to make it generate the new style ADMX files, or just stick to plain ADM files as they are a hell of a lot simpler and for what most people will want it for I doubt the ADMX format would give any benefit. What are your thoughts?

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