Change of Priorities

November 5, 2012 — 12 Comments

I’m sure some of you will have noticed I’ve been a little quiet recently, not posting many blog posts and not releasing many updates or new tools. This is mainly because I have been struggling to find time to do both my full time job working as a network/system admin as well as putting in all the time required to update and release my software. So… I’ve decided to quit my job and now intend to focus on developing applications!

I finish work at the end of this month, so hopefully after that you should see a bit more activity from me as I’ll have much more time to spend on updating existing apps and creating new ones. This wasn’t an easy decision to make and who knows I may even end up regretting it, but I intend to put a lot of effort into this and will see how things go next year.

First of all I’m going to be focusing on updating AD Info to add features that a lot of people have been patiently waiting for – and despite the fact that I am now relying purely on the income from my software sales to live off, I will still be providing updates to existing applications for free (as that is what I promised when I released them). However, whilst releasing updates for free is a nice idea and I’d love to stick to it for all applications I release, I think for new applications I will start charging a small upgrade fee to update to new major versions. This is how pretty much every other software business works, and at least then it gives me a real reason to work on updating existing apps (other than just to help people out). Bug fixes and minor updates will all be free still though of course.

Once the next version of AD Info is complete, I will be working on re-writing AD Tidy from scratch to improve various aspects and introducing a Standard Edition that has even more features. I will also be working on NTFS Permissions Reporter during this time to add the SQL support and NTPR format report exports (along with native Excel format reports thanks to a new .NET Excel component I purchased recently) that I have been promising.

Then after that its time to start on some completely new applications 🙂

Thanks to everyone that has supported me so far and has made it possible for me to give this a shot, hopefully that support and success will continue for a long time to come. I’m proud of how much I have been able to achieve just doing software development in my spare time, so I’m hoping that in 2013 when I can give it my full attention I will be able to produce much bigger and better things to help you guys even more.



12 responses to Change of Priorities


    Good luck Chris. We all hope that you succeed in your new direction.


    Good Luck! I notice there is no mention of your Software and Licensing Management System as a priority, is this still something you are likely to look to release soon? Again, best of luck.


      Thanks Jamie 🙂 no I’m definitely still planning to make the Software license management system, but just want to get my existing applications to a point I’m happy with (and include features I’ve been promising people for a while) before I start working on new applications. Now that I’m going to be able to devote a lot more time to this though, it should not take too long.


    thank you so much chris your tool very helpful for me


    I wish you luck through your new journey!


    Best of luck to you! As an ISV myself – it’s risky, but can be fun and rewarding step!


    Chris, just found your website and think the tools you have developed are top notch. If you continue to create such high quality programs I am sure people (including myself) would quite happily fork out money. Have you thought about adding a donate button to your software downloads page? It might tide you over until you release your new software. Also, as a developer myself, if you need a hand with anything I am happy to lend my knowledge.


      Thanks a lot Trav 🙂 I did used to have a donate option on my website and in some of my apps, but I think its a bit cheeky now that I’m also charging for some of my applications. Don’t worry I wouldn’t have quit my main job if I wasn’t making enough to live off from the software, so as long as things stay as they are and I keep making new programs then I think I’ll be ok 🙂 What language do you develop in and what sort of apps do you make?


        Hi Chris, I didn’t think that you would have gone in without a contingency plan, it just means you have got to get cracking on your new software. I develop in c#,, javascript and some php. I also look after the sql databases. I work at a secondary school in county Durham developing all sorts of little programs that they ask. The only major project I have done is an all in one web portal. Since my promotion I haven’t done much but I am looking to get back into it now things have settled down.

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