AD Info Version 1.6 Release Date & Features

November 30, 2012 — 6 Comments

This week has been my first week of being completely self employed and not working as an IT systems admin during the day, so I’ve spent the last few days working on the new version of AD Info that I’ve been wanting to get finished for a long time. Read on for release date and change log.

As promised, updates and new programs will be developed much faster now that I’m focusing all of my time on software development, so I’m pleased to announce that version 1.6 will be released on Friday the 7th of December. All updates are free to existing users, so just go to the Help menu and click Check For Updates to download the new version any time after Friday the 7th (having said that, one of the issues that is fixed in this version is the ability to check for updates when behind a proxy server that requires authentication, so anyone in that situation won’t be able to download this update via the program – if that’s you then just send me an email and I will send you a manual download link). Anyone purchasing it after the 7th will of course receive the new version as standard.

As for what this new version will include, see below for the change log so far:

  • Additional built in attributes: Notes, DNS Host Name, Protected From Accidental Deletion, Nested Group Members, Security Group Membership Only, Distribution Group Membership Only, and more
  • The ability to add your own attribute definitions for any that are not already included in AD Info (standard edition only)
  • Removed advertisement splash screen from free edition
  • Export to native Excel XLSX file (standard edition only)
  • Group members from trusted domains are now resolved to their display name rather than just showing as a SID
  • The list of Domain controllers selected to be used for non-replicated attributes is now remembered between program launches
  • The last domain and alternate credentials entered will now be remembered automatically without needing to press the “Save Domain and Credentials as Default” button (which has been removed)
  • Program update detection now works when behind a proxy server that requires authentication. Proxy authentication settings added to Tools -> Options window
  • Main window is now split into two resizable sections, so you can adjust the size to view more results or more available queries
  • Option to hide all built in queries and show only custom queries (standard edition only)
  • When browsing for an OU/container to perform a query against, the “Builtin” container in the root of the domain is now visible
  • Performance improvements when querying the Disabled attribute for users or computers
  • Improved HTML output
  • Option to send error reports online
  • New text length operators (longer than, shorter than) available for use in custom queries (standard edition only)
  • Query search tab, which lets you search for queries in any of the other tabs by entering part of the query name
  • Option to right click on errors encountered during a query and copy error details to clipboard
  • Additional status text added to query progress window, which displays a general summary of the current operation being performed and includes details of how many more DCs are to be queried for non-replicated attributes
  • If no domain is specified then the attempt to lookup the current user’s domain name is now done on a background thread whilst a progress bar is shown, so the application does not appear to hang if this takes a few seconds now
  • To reduce memory usage, the full log of operations performed by a query is no longer stored in memory ready to optionally be saved to file at the end of a query. If you need to generate the log, run the application with the /debug argument instead, which will generate a log file in %APPDATA%\Cjwdev\ADInfo.
  • Right click option to copy full column added to main results table


I’m sure a couple of other additional features will make it in there as well, and of course the version after this one (version 2.0) will include some major new features such as command line support and email support.

Hopefully I’ve included the majority of features that people requested over the last few months but let me know if you’ve got any more suggestions.



6 responses to AD Info Version 1.6 Release Date & Features


    In addition to exporting to Excel, I’d like to see the option to export to a PDF and Word document.


      Thanks for the suggestion Craig – I can’t really understand why anyone would prefer a Word document export over an Excel export in this case though if I’m honest. Unless you mean not having the results in a table format and more of just a list like the TXT export option?

    Geoff Hardwick December 7, 2012 at 12:36

    Hi Chris,

    You mention that version 2 has email support. Does that mean it will be able to email reports on a schedule. A customer has this requirement. The reports that AD Info creates are perfect but they would like them automatically emailed once a week.


      Hi Geoff,
      Yes you would be able to do that, as the command line support would allow you to setup a scheduled task to run specific reports automatically and then email you the results. I’ll post another blog entry once I have a realistic idea when version 2.0 will be ready.



    Hi Chris,

    Do you have an estimate on when 2.0 will be ready?

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