AD Info 1.6 Released

December 7, 2012 — 1 Comment

The new version of my Active Directory querying/reporting tool is now available. Both the free edition and standard edition have been updated with a large number of improvements, read on for details.

You can find a full list of changes in the version history log here but I’ve highlighted some of the main changes below:

  • No more 10 second advert splash screen in free edition (whilst no one ever complained about this, I’ve never been keen on forcing people to wait before they can use the program so I would rather get rid of it than make a small amount of money from the adverts)
  • You can now create your own attribute definitions to cater for any attributes that AD Info is not already aware of (standard edition only). These attributes can be used in custom query parameters or included in the results of any query. AD Info will lookup the attribute in your AD schema to determine what kind of data is stored in it, and these custom attribute definitions can be shared with colleagues if you all specify the same custom attribute file location in the program settings (which can be done manually or via Group Policy, using the ADM file provided here)
  • New built in attributes including: DNS Host Name, Notes, Security Group Membership Only, Distribution Group Membership Only, Protected From Accidental Deletion, Indirect/Nested Group Members, and more.
  • Group members from other domains will now be resolved to their display names rather than just showing as a SID
  • Search tab added to the main query list tab control, allowing you to quickly search all of the other tabs to find a particular query
  • Main window is now split into two resizable sections
  • Various performance improvements
  • Improved progress updates and details when a query is running
  • Export results to native Microsoft Excel file (XLSX) in a nicely formatted table
  • New text length operators available in custom queries to allow you to check whether or not an attribute’s value is longer than or shorter than a specified number of characters
  • Global Catalog servers are now used for attributes that could contain objects from other domains
  • HTML export visual improvements (alternating row colours, improved colours, borders and font etc)
  • Option to hide all built in queries and only show custom queries (standard edition only, as free edition cannot create custom queries)
  • Program update detection now works from behind a proxy server that requires authentication (anyone using the standard edition who is in that situation now, please send me an email and I will send you a manual download link for the new version so that you can get onto the new version that fixes this)

As always, anyone that has already purchased the standard edition can upgrade to the new version free of charge (you may need a manual download link though as mentioned in the last point above).

More details and download link for the free edition can be found on my website here:

AD Info – Active Directory Reporting Tool

Here’s some screenshots of some of the new features:






Look forward to hearing your feedback!



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    This is a great tool, have been using it for a while now, keep up the good work! thanks

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