Service Credentials Manager 1.2 Released

December 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’ve hit a bit of a stumbling block in updating my Managed Service Accounts GUI application, so while I continue trying to resolve that issue I thought I would update my tool for reporting on credentials used to run services and scheduled tasks. Full list of changes below.

The main new feature added to the standard edition is the ability to report on all services & scheduled tasks and see which account they are running as, rather than having to select a specific user account to find services/tasks running as (which was the case in the previous version). You can still set the application to only find services/tasks running as a specific account, but you can also now uncheck that option and it will just show you all services/tasks on the selected computers and which account they are set to run as.

You can also now export the results list to native Excel file (XLSX) in the standard edition.

Both free edition and standard edition also had the following updates:

  • Browse for account dialog window now lets you select Group Managed Service Accounts as well as Standalone Managed Service Accounts and normal user accounts
  • Program update detection routine will now prompt for proxy settings if it cannot contact web server directly
  • When importing computer accounts from Active Directory, Managed Service Accounts will no longer be imported as well
  • All files are now digitally signed with Cjwdev Ltd certificate


Now, back to trying to get Group MSAs working…

EDIT: Finally realised I was using the wrong Powershell parameter when trying to add new Group MSAs! More information in my Technet thread here:



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