5 responses to Managed Service Accounts GUI 1.5 Released


    I’m trying to use your GUI to create a SMSA with a length of 15 characters but I noticed your GUI only allows for 14 characters. The GUI counts the additional dollar sign too. I’ve succesfully created 15 character length SMSA’s with Powershell. This article confirms it: http://www.derekseaman.com/2010/02/server-2008-r2-managed-service-account.html


      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for letting me know about that bug, I’ve fixed it now and released a new version. Just go to Help -> Check For Updates to download it.



    Thanks for the update! I now can create 15 character length accounts. But… the last step in the process, installing the account on the target Windows Server 2012, failed.

    Creating MSA Installer service on remote computer: “C:\Program Files\Cjwdev\MSA Installer\MSAInstallerSvc.exe” /install “/account:HASQL01W12SqlSv” “/initiatedby:HGVW7BEH30”
    Error: Files and directories created successfully but service could not be installed and started due to the following error: Unable to create service. The last error reported was: The operation completed successfully

    My guess is it has something to do with the double quotes. Manually executing the next statement in Powershell works:
    PS C:\Program Files\Cjwdev\MSA Installer> .\MSAInstallerSvc.exe /install /account:HASQL01W12SqlSv /initiatedby:HGVW7BEH30


      The quote marks shouldn’t cause a problem, and in fact without them there could be problems with special characters causing windows to interpret one of the arguments as two separate arguments. It has always worked fine in all of my test environments like that, so I’m surprised you’re seeing an issue. I’ll do some more testing and see if I can figure out what’s going on there. Can you just confirm whether or not you’re trying to install the MSA on the same computer you’re running MSA GUI on or if you’re installing the MSA on a remot computer?


        I’m installing the MSA on a remote, Windows Server 2012, computer. After some experimenting I found that the length of the account can be a maximum of 15 characters in SQL Server 2008 R2 but SQL Server 2012 limits the length to 14 characters. I think this is a bug in SQL 2012.
        I’ve tried the last step, installing a sMSA account, on a Windows Server 2008 r2 and despite the timeout it does work. On Windows Server 2012 the last step doesn’t work.

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