AD Tidy 2.0 Release Details

March 15, 2013 — 6 Comments

As mentioned in my previous posts, this new version of AD Tidy will come in two editions like most of my other apps – a free edition and a standard edition. This post will explain the differences between them along with release dates and pricing.

First of all thank you to everyone that has tried the BETA out already and provided feedback, it is much appreciated. The BETA won’t expire until April so still plenty of time to try it and let me know what you think.

The standard edition will be released on Friday 29th of March, with the free edition being released a week later on April the 5th.

As promised, the free edition will be able to do everything that the old version of AD Tidy could do (and more) but obviously the standard edition will have some extra features. The main features that are included in the standard edition that are not available in the free edition are the automated rules, the ability to reverse actions, the “External Script” action, and the option to export results to Excel file (you’ll still be able to export to CSV in the free edition). There may be some other minor differences but they are the main ones. To be honest I hate deciding which features should only be available in the standard editions as I feel like I’m being unfair to people that can only use the free edition… I would love to have everything in the free edition but I guess most people will understand that I have to make some money from the months of my time I’ve spent developing this program (not to mention the couple of thousand pounds I’ve spent on performance testing tools and application controls this year already) so there have to be some features that are only available in the paid for edition.

The prices for the standard edition will be as follows:

  • Single License: $99
  • Consultant License: $149
  • Site License: $239
  • Enterprise License: $399

AD Tidy will also be included in the IT Pro bundles that I’ve recently introduced here (so the prices of the bundles will increase slightly with the addition of this extra tool, but will still give you 20% off purchasing all of the products separately).

Also as mentioned in a previous post, this is the first product that I’m going to introduce maintenance contracts for (which you can choose to purchase at the time you purchase AD Tidy, for either 1 year or 2 years). So rather than all upgrades being free for everyone like they are in my other programs, major version upgrades will require you either purchase the new version or if you have a current maintenance plan you get the upgrade for free. Maintenance plan costs will vary depending on which license you are purchasing, but to give an idea the cost of the maintenance plan for a single license would be $35 for 1 year and $60 for 2 years. You’ll also get priority support for the duration of the maintenance plan as well. Again I don’t like doing this but the unfortunate reality is that if all upgrades are free for everyone then its hard to dedicate weeks or months of my time to developing upgrades for an existing application when I could be spending that time developing a new application that would bring in extra income. So the introduction of maintenance plans and upgrade costs will mean I can spend time on adding new features to AD Tidy in the future without it being a bad thing from a financial point of view. I won’t be adding maintenance contracts or upgrade costs to any of my existing applications because when they were released I said upgrades would be free and I don’t want to go back on that, but any new applications will have this option of purchasing a maintenance contract + priority support.

6 responses to AD Tidy 2.0 Release Details


    I’ll be the first to post the obligatory: “Shut up and take my money”


    I second that. Chris, you provide wonderful products that you develop. Charge for them!
    Also every product should have maintenance. I say this because i want your products to get even better! Only way to do that is for you to charge for it.


      Thanks a lot Ivan, I guess I will consider introducing maintenance plans for other applications in the future as well after I see how well it works for AD Tidy. I would have to do it for new purchases only though, as I think it is unfair (and maybe even illegal) to start charging existing customers for upgrades when they were told at the time of purchase that future upgrades would be free.


    You could always “retire” your existing products and then create a newer/bigger/better/faster product based on the retired one – then you could have maintenance plans on everything.


      I guess I could but that seems a bit unfair to existing customers that already purchased the original version. I think I would rather keep the existing products and just introduce maintenance plans for new customers and new products

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