AD Info 1.7 Release Date

May 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

This latest release of my Active Directory reporting tool will include command line support and support for emailing results (two of the most commonly requested features since this tool was released). Read on for further details and release date.

Originally I was planning to include command line and email support in version 2.0 of AD Info but as there are so many other time consuming changes being implemented in version 2.0 I decided to release an interim version (1.7) that includes the two most popular features. This way all of the people that have been patiently waiting for these features don’t have to wait any longer while the other features are finished.

I’ve still got a little bit of work and testing to do on the command line side of things but I’m confident this will all be finished in time for the release date, which is going to be the 9th of May.

I should point out that command line and email support are only going to be available in the Standard Edition, not the Free Edition. As always with updates to AD Info, anyone who has purchased the Standard Edition already will get this update for free.

The way the command line support will work should be familiar to anyone that has used my other tools – rather than forcing you to use a complicated command line syntax to specify all of the options you want to use etc, you’ll just select everything in the GUI and then that will generate an XML file for you which you can pass in as a command line argument. So you’ll just right click on a query in AD Info and select “Generate command line file”, and this will walk you through the process (which for the most part will look very similar to when you normally run a query – you’ll be prompted to enter variables and select attributes you want to include, limit to specific OUs, etc) and then it will create the XML file for you.

One other feature I’m also hoping to include in this version is support for Fine Grained Password Policies, a feature introduced in Server 2008 that allows tighter control over password policies on a per user or per group basis. At the moment the Password Expiration Date attribute in AD Info is not aware of FGPPs and so won’t take them into account, but enumerating and correctly applying them is a little harder than I initially thought so I’m still working on this.

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