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    Works like a charm. I am working on something similar to this as a part of a server management application that does numerous tasks performed by support technicians. Would you be willing to provide some sample code to exemplify how you go about calling on AD, as you have with some of your other tools?



      Hi Brandon,

      Send me an email (my contact details are here: http://www.cjwdev.co.uk/Contact.html ) and I’ll send you some relevant parts of the code. For this particular app there wasn’t actually much code for me to write as I was able to use the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement classes (some examples here) which make things very simple and easy to do. I can’t usually use these classes in my other more complex programs as they don’t offer the same level of performance and flexibility as the slightly lower level System.DirectoryServices classes.



    I am trying to install (windows 7 64-bit), and I am getting the following error:
    ‘Failed to write in “C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Roaming\Cjwdev\AD Account Reset Tool 1.0.0\Install\AccountResetInstaller.msi”. Error: The system cannot find the path specified.’

    I did run as administrator.

    Any thoughts?


      Hmm I’ve not come across that before and no one else has reported it. I’ve installed it on a completely standard Windows 7 x64 VM without any problems, so I’m afraid all I can suggest is that its something on your end. Perhaps your antivirus software? I can’t see why it would block it but might be worth just turning it off for a moment and trying the install again to see if that’s what is causing it


    Thx, we need that tool for the help desk, but it would be much better if it allowed search and showed the full name.


      I think when someone rings up and wants their password resetting or account unlocking, it is pretty normal for them to give you their username as that is a unique identifier (in larger organisations you couldn’t just give your full name because multiple people might have the same name). That’s why it only lets you search by username


    Thanks for this too ! I used it since few week. Is it possible to make the search in a specific organization unit and not all AD ?

    Grant Wilcockson September 10, 2014 at 05:45

    Hi. I sent an email but not sure if it went through.

    Love the simplicity of the Account reset tool. Was wondering if there was any chance to enhance it with the following.

    1) A status field that tells us if the id you are looking up is disabled and or Locked out so you know you really need to unlock it.
    2) A disable/enable option for ids.
    3) Maybe a AD lookup tool field so you could find the userid of a person. So by Looking up “Grant Wilcockson” it will come back with my id ngwnf, then I could reset that. I dont know everyones login id but do know their name.

    I know I am asking a lot but this would really turn this into a all in one tool for my areas helpdesk team.

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