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As mentioned in my previous posts, this new version of AD Tidy will come in two editions like most of my other apps – a free edition and a standard edition. This post will explain the differences between them along with release dates and pricing.

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AD Tidy 2.0 Features

February 1, 2013 — 9 Comments

Recently I posted a couple of screenshots of the new version of AD Tidy that I’m currently working on, and in this post I’m going to explain more about the new features and capabilities of this new version.

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AD Tidy 1.3.1 Released

January 2, 2011 — 6 Comments

Happy new year to everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas…I’m sure it was better than mine anyway, as I managed to get a cold on Christmas day that I have only just recovered from.

Anyway, to celebrate the new year (ok so maybe its nothing to do with the new year…) I have been busy finishing off a new version of my free AD Tidy application . Most of the new features were requested features so thanks to those that took the time to send me an email asking for these as I’m sure they will be useful to lots of people. You can find a list of changes and a download link below.

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